Fossil-Free Flight 

The Next Human Powered Flight Record

Since the beginning of time, Mankind has always dreamed of flying with the Birds. Since Leonardo DaVinci, flying aloft with your own effort has always been the fascination of every generation. Now, it is possible.

Not since the Wright Brothers has such an innovation in Human Powered Flight been possible. New materials from DuPont and others have made light-weight composite aircraft possible. Combined with this new geometry, Fossil-Free, Human Powered Flight is now practical.

The Annular Wing is stronger and more efficient than Linear Wings for less weight and far shorter wingspan.

Human Powered Flight Has Landed.

The Annular Wing offers many advantages over the Linear Wing; especially at very low speeds. The Annular Wing has the ability to "capture" and float on a column of air. This is very important in taking advantage of pneumatic inertia for increasing overall stability and extending the glide ratios needed in Human Powered Flight.

Side View.

Side View

This semi-rigid, pressurized structure, similar in size and weight to Para-gliders, has the advantage of not collapsing in turbulence. Although it might be difficult to put into a backpack, this safety feature alone is well worth the extra hanger space.

Front View.

Front View.

The Landing Gear Structure which holds the Pilot Seat, (in green), and drive-train is the only rigid piece. The rest is made of light fabrics such as nylon, Dacron, and Mylar. The frame members can be constructed in a variety of ways. Some people on the staff want to fill them with Helium, but others consider that would be cheating....

Taking up less than fifty feet in wing span, this new Human Powered Airplane will fit in the most modest of hangers.

Human Powered Turbine Fan.

Human Powered Turbine.

The next Generation of Human Powered Flight Vehicles will take advantage of decades of Turbine Engine Development. By reducing the Reynolds Numbers to extremely low numbers in the calculations, the Human Powered Turbine Fan can create about 10 times more thrust than the simple propeller design used on the Gossamer Condor. This fairing is the key advantage that allows this design to achieve far more thrust than is currently possible in Human Powered Flight. Using any air-fairing at all for the main propeller makes the biggest difference at these slow air speeds. This is something very simple that simply no one has tried.

By using the same principles as Air Flow Amplifiers, the air flow past the Annular Wing, (in blue), can also be increased several times, even in still air at a full stop. This can not be accomplished along the length of a Linear Wing. Aurica Labs has a unique insight into these principles and how to apply them for the highest efficiencies in Human Powered Turbine Fans.

Cut-Away View.

Cut-Away Showing Internal Fans.

The simplicity of this unique design makes it as easy and safe to ride as a bicycle.

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