Some Not~So~Fun Facts About the Physics of Cell Phones.

After working as a engineering consultant on a few SDI Government “Star Wars” projects many years ago, I developed a keen sense of electro-magnetic radiation in all its forms: from communications, to interference, to weaponry. Over the years I’ve picked up some very interesting background information on cell phone and mobile communications technology. Below, I describe in simplified terms some US policy, some properties of electro-magnetic radiation, and the specific dangers involved with using cell phones. There are new studies coming out world-wide; and at the end, I offer a list of suggestions to help minimize your daily exposure to cell phone radiation.

This informative website was launched 15 years ago, at the very beginning, when Cell Phone Technology was just entering into the lives of all Humanity. While a convenience at first, Cell Phones have now become a ubiquitous necessity for everyday life. Unfortunately, the severe dangers of long term RF exposure have not changed, not in 15 years, -not ever. 

This key information is just as relevant today as it was 15 years ago; only now we can begin to see the devastating effects on brain functions, memory, and increased cancers. In fact, many fundamental aspects of social behavior and human interactions have changed so dramatically, that now it is more important to pay attention to the glowie screen in front of you, than pay attention to anything else, including your friend in front of you who's also pre-occupied, or just simply walking out into traffic. These devices are so distractingly addictive, our very social fabric as people, even the written language, is being dissolved and eroded within a single generation. Obviously, texting&driving has become a daily, lethal fallout from having the instant convenience of cell phones. Now we have constant PSA's to remind people that while driving, driving is the most important thing, not the next beckoning message. 

And starting kids out with these things as an appendage for life, to me, is absolutely horrific. Children's growing brains are being slow-cooked on simmer for years, quite literally, before they even have a chance to develop advanced motor skills and higher cognitive thinking, or even get to puberty, -especially if they use cell phones for comforting pillow warmers!

There was a time when we, as individuals, had a chance to say "no" to these insidious walkie-talkies. Now it is too late, now we are all sold into a mindless slavery, controlled by our sell phones to keep us up with the speed and convenience of our daily lives. Now, we will most all die much faster from degenerative brain cancers. How convenient will that be?











Things You Can Do To Minimize Your Radiation Exposure:



The FCC , the Federal Communications Commission, is the USA’s ruling body over the use of Electro-Magnetic Radiation, EMR; Electro-Magnetic Interference, EMI; and Radio Frequencies, RF; for all types of communications. It came into being to protect people after a very specific accident. (-some of my numbers may be off, but you’ll get the idea.) Back in the early hay’days of Radio, long before TV, someone built the first “million watt transmitter” to reach a “bigger audience than ever before.” Well, it wasn’t long before two innocent men went walking across the field under this “transmitter.” They were literally cooked to death before they reached the other side of that field.
The FCC’s first task was to limit the outputs of waves transmitting into the community to safe level closer to 100,000 Watts/cm2. Since then, their charter has been to organize and regulate the use of the “air-waves” and all electo-magnetic radiations that go into the air, (except the 60hz powerlines, for some reason).
The FCC, among other things,: Table of Contents


In the late 1980’s, the FCC “de-regulated” several bands previously used by the military. These included, roughly speaking, frequencies in the 830-940Mhz, 960-1200Mhz, and the 1600-2300Mhz bands. De-regulated means “free-for-all.” Anyone can broadcast anything without restrictions or licenses. This opened mass markets for not only cell phones, but also satellite down-link frequency bands, and now, we now have cheap Satellite TV at home as well.
In the specific case of cell phones, it is a shame the FCC has ignored its original position of protecting the people from harmful radiation.
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The FCC has “approved” cell phone technology as safe at 800milli-Watts/cm2 for public use. A microwave technical paper from 1961 suggests 10milli-Watts/cm2 of microwave energy for more than an hour is too much. Moreover, the specifics of testing for this 800milli-Watts/cm2 approval” is quite inappropriate for cell phones users. Looking closer, the standard antenna test for any RF device is defined to be measured at exactly one meter. This standard was set because the intensity of the radiation drops away quickly in a curve defined by the ‘inverse square of the distance’ from the antenna.
What‘s important about this? For the first time since the FCC’s inception, cell phones have provided a widespread use of powerful, microwave antennas which places people inside the standard "one meter perimeter" for safety testing. The FCC has largely ignored this very important detail in the testing and “approval” of cell phone technology for the general public.
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Because of this square law of diminishing electro-magnetic waves, (1/R2), the intensity of a cell phone “air-wave” just 1 inch from the antenna where your head typically is, measures about 760 times louder than the 800milli-Watts/cm2 that is measured “safe” just beyond 3 feet. At just one inch away this signal intensity is equivalent to about 650 Watts/cm2 into the standard resistance of 50 ohms. This is extremely intense energy --very similar to the inside of a small microwave oven. ( If you had a big enough battery and your brain was roughly a 50 ohm impedance, you would absorb this much energy internally and cook yourself with a cell phone quicker than heating your cup of coffee. Lucky for you, your brain is no where near 50 ohms, but it is conductive to a certain extent, --after all, it is full of mild salt water, & nerve cells. --It’s no wonder cell phones are attributed to memory loss, --people’s nerve cells are getting 'fried', quite literally, like fuses. )

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To make things worse, analog cell phones have carrier frequencies around 837 to 900Mhz and are within two octaves (two doublings) of the specific frequency of microwave ovens. The newer PCS phones are around 1900Mhz, and worse yet, are well within one octave. And now there are systems working at 2400Mhz and 5000Mhz.
Water molecules driven at 2540Mhz vibrate at their natural resonant frequency and begin to boil in solid or frozen foods. This is basically how microwave ovens work. Now, Consider the fact your own body is 98% water and that cell phones transmit in open air at levels well over 10,000 times the amount that is allowed to leak out of Microwave Ovens by FCC law.

You would never put your head in a microwave oven...  Why would you ever put a cell phone up to your ear?!  --It's practically the same thing!

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Moreover, the “spread-spectrum” nature of cell-to-cell switching and the ongoing digital “packet bursts” in the transmissions sound like, in audio terms, the worst kind of harsh static and random white-noise combined together at deafening levels. This particular “sound” of the radiation, which is blasting your head at great volume from an inch away, can actually create spurious harmonics that can easily cross over 2540Mhz and 5080Mhz many thousand times a second, particularly in the digital cell phones. This is only ‘tickling’ the water in your live tissue. Once the carrier frequency of cell phone technology passes the critical 2540Mhz water resonance frequency, its broadband nature should be able to boil the water in your brain and skin quite reliably.

Table of Contents


The overall combination of items 2), 3), 4), 5), & 6) come together to create one of the most serious public health hazards we’ve seen since Coal for hundreds of millions of unsuspecting people around the world caught up in the convenience of cell phones.

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Important Mobile Phone Safety Tips Around Gasoline Filling Stations.

The Shell Oil Company recently issued a warning after three incidents in which mobile phones (cell phones) ignited fumes during fueling operations:

You should know that Mobile Phones can ignite fuel or fumes.

Below is an email from Pat Cabiling who works at Chevron Texaco's Richmond Refinery.
To sum it up, Four Rules for Safe Refueling:
  1.  1) Turn off engine.
  2.  2) Don't smoke.
  3.  3) Don't use your cell phone - leave it inside the vehicle or turn it off.
  4.  4) Don't re-enter your vehicle during fueling.
Pat Cabiling, ChevronTexaco, USA, RFMS Richmond
California Refinery Phone:  (510) 242-1454

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And the same thing is true for Cell Towers and Mobile Relay Stations, multiplied by 1,000 or more!
These Cell Towers are broadcasting thousands of watts of Broadband Microwave Energy over 100's of channels at once. These new, fairly small, rectangular, high powered, microwave transceivers tend to be fairly directional, meaning line-of-site, and are typically aimed at the next transceiving station.
If you happen live in the "beam-line" of that new Cell Tower they installed last month; then, Yes, you, your family, your pets, your trees, even your flowers are in danger of microwave radiation poisoning, especially over the long term. There are many factors involved in determining your specific risk, like tower distance, hills, house construction; but living in the beam-line for more than a year is likely to have an severe impact on your family's overall health and well being. Again, the closer you are to these Tower(s), the worse it will be over time.
In fact, Cell Towers are linked to killing large flocks of song birds, as many as 10,000 in one night! Any migratory flock of birds that flies up the beam-line of a microwave tower that wasn't there last year will be cooked to death in mid-air within minutes, thus ending the life cycle for that entire migratory bird species in a matter of days.

This is truly the "Canary in the Coal Mine" calling us.
Are we paying enough attention to hear these Canaries dying over our cell phones?
Will we heed their warning in time?

Even the FCC admits somewhat that these mobile devices could be dangerous:

"Some studies have shown that mobile phones might interfere with implanted cardiac pacemakers if a phone is used in close proximity (within about 8 inches) of a pacemaker.  Pacemaker users may want to avoid placing a phone in a pocket close to the location of their pacemaker or near the pacemaker during phone use."

 "In general, for more information on these topics or for information on other telecommunications-related issues, you may contact the FCC's Office of Engineering and Technology as follows:"
>                          OET RF Safety Line: 202-418-2464
>   "To receive information on this and other FCC consumer topics through the
>           Commission's electronic subscriber service, click on"
>                    Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau
>                  445 12th Street, SW * Washington, DC 20554
>                     1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322) voice
>                      1-888-TELL-FCC (1-888-835-5322) TTY

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"Radiation Scare Over Mobiles"

by Victoria Fletcher, Consumer Correspondent for "This Is London" Publication.

"Radiation from mobile phones causes changes in the brain which could pose risks to health, an authoritative two-year study [published in 2002] has concluded."

A scientific study from Japan in 2002 shows the severe dangers to general public health by using cell phones inside "metal" passenger trains and sub-way cars

  Mobile Phones cut sperm count
  up to 30%:  Men who regularly
  carry a mobile phone could have
  their sperm count reduced by as
  much as 30%. Those who place
  their phone near their groin, or belt
  or in a pocket, are at greatest risk,
  new research has revealed:

Men and mobiles: calls to take caution, Appendix 1.

Brain tumors: The Silent Killer
  Dr. Charlie Teo, a preeminent
  neurosurgeon in Australia says there
  has been a 21% increase in
  children's brain tumors. Brain
  tumors are now the number one life
  threatening disease for children -
  above leukemia - consistent with
  studies in the UK and Europe.

Our Children are at higher risk, Appendix 2.

"Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age"
 An Insider’s Alarming Discoveries About Cancer and Genetic Damage

Author:  Dr. George Carlo and Martin Schram

Dr. George Carlo is the Chief Scientist of the World’s Largest Research Effort into Wireless Safety

Excerpts from Dr. Carlos' book, Appendix 3.

Can we reduce cellphone risk for kids?

Other countries take precautions
'Remains to be proven safe'
STAFF REPORTERS, Toronto Star, Canada.
July 12, 2005

"Scientists, academics and public health officials from around the world are gathering [for the World Health Organization Conference] in Ottawa today to debate how governments should manage such global health risks as mad cow disease, climate change, and influenza.
"But there's also a less talked about - and potentially sweeping - health concern listed on the [WHO] conference agenda: electromagnetic radiation from cellphones.
"The three-day event, hosted by the World Health Organization, WHO, will spend time exploring whether unanswered questions around the potential long-term health risks of cellphones are grounds for precaution as wireless devices explode in popularity, most recently among children.
"The possibilities that cause most concern are cancers of the brain or other parts of the head, and neurodegenerative disease, memory loss or loss of mental faculties, all resulting later in life from exposures accumulated earlier in life," states a draft of an unreleased WHO case study, obtained by the Toronto Star.
"If there are such effects, the global burden of disease could be enormous, with a significant fraction of the world population potentially affected."
"In Europe, the precautionary approach has included public statements - mostly directed at parents - warning of the potential impact of cellphone signals on developing bodies. In the United Kingdom, for example, children are discouraged from making non-essential calls.

"Discouraging exposure to cellphones could take a heavy financial toll on an industry that boosts profits by expanding its customer base and encouraging greater cellphone use [among children].

"Industry messaging: The fact the cellphone industry is aggressively going after younger customers is evident in a new generation of phones branded with images of Barbie and Hello Kitty, as well as the emergence of cellphone services that let children watch video clips of Elmo, Daffy Duck or Big Bird.

"Some critics say Health Canada should follow the lead of its British colleagues in discouraging the wireless industry from marketing to children.

"Service providers and device manufacturers across North America also worry a precautionary message will be perceived as an admission there are harmful effects from cellphone frequencies. Legal experts say this perception could open a flood of lawsuits claiming harm.

"But the science is cloudy, and the potential risks may be too enormous to ignore," according to the WHO case study.

"Promoting headsets: Several health agencies, including the WHO, believe that a major way of reducing exposure to cellphone frequencies is to get more people, particularly children, into the habit of using headsets - similar to campaigns encouraging seatbelt use.
"Headsets, experts agree, can reduce radiation exposure dramatically by keeping the cellphone away from the skull.
"Requiring use of hands-free kits is a low-cost option that is effective, if used carefully, in reducing (radio frequency) exposure," according to the WHO case study.

"Since there is some threat, some link, then when things are so prevalent in society we need to do the research," says Dr. Ab Guha, a Toronto neurosurgeon and co-director of brain tumour research at the Hospital for Sick Children.
"The fear is that serious health effects such as early-onset Alzheimer's or cancers, if there is a link with cellphone use, may take many more years or even decades to emerge. For this reason," says Guha, "long-term population studies are essential."

"In the meantime, Canada has been participating in a massive 13-country epidemiological survey being overseen by the WHO's International Agency for Cancer Research. The results from all countries will be analyzed to look for associations between cellphone use and incidences of head, neck and salivary gland cancers. Findings will be published in 2006. The wireless industry is funding two-thirds of Canada's contribution to the study.

Table of Contents

Things You Can Do To Minimize Your RF Exposure:

Although the “Experts” can’t agree on what all happens to live tissue under the siege of cell phone radiation, they do in fact have something to argue about: live tissues are affected. How else could they sterilize beef through “irradiation”? Mind you, this is at different frequency than cell phones, but the concept is exactly the same.
Keep in mind, there is a ‘sliding scale’ of danger in the frequency range of electro-magnetic radiation. The higher the frequency, the more energy, damage, (or data), the radiation can deliver. This holds true for all radiation up through ultra-violet light, used for sterilizing; into x-rays, which are very harmful; and gamma-rays, which are extremely dangerous.
Microwaves are a band of frequencies at the lower end of the scale whose wave lengths range from the size of your hand to the size of your body cells. Moreover, cell phone radiation is still on the lower end of this microwave band, seemingly inert for now. Unfortunately, cell phone carrier frequencies are getting dangerously close to the H2O resonant frequency of microwave ovens. This is a serious Boundary in Bio-Physics, I fear, the cell phone industry will not be able to cross without severe and immediate consequences to our Public Health. Be ever so watchful of this trend.
( A conservative approach would be to consider all these subtle effects harmful, and most likely, accumulative over time... although no one knows the permanence of this yet for sure.)

I really think they should be referred to as “sell-phones”, ...or how about, “hell-phones".

Table of Contents

1) Throw All Your Cell Phones Away.

Some creative suggestions include: a) Using them for target practice; b) Letting your overly curious ten-year-old disassemble them for science class; c) Giving your dog a new chew-toy, (without the battery of course); d) Using it for a fishing ‘sinker’; e) Try this on the Fourth of July, (not!), put your cell phone in the microwave oven, stand back, and watch what happens between dueling microwaves; f) Have you ever squashed a penny on the railroad tracks? Try a cell phone....

Seriously, we have got to get rid of these ‘hell phones’ before they get rid of us.

Table of Contents

2) Avoid Brain Cancers;  Keep it for “Emergency Use Only”

If you have to use them on a daily basis, get a “hands-free” device, or headset, and keep the phone/antenna as far away from your body as possible, at the full extension of the cord. Also, pulling the antenna all the way out of the case can reduce uni-directional “beaming.”
Don’t let anyone “key-up” within 6 feet of you. This is particularly important in elevators and cars which trap most of these radio-waves inside a “small metal box” only to bounce around inside, --just like microwave ovens. A scientific study from Japan in 2002 shows the severe dangers to general public health by using cell phones inside "metal" passenger trains and sub-way cars:
Make no mistake, the microwave radiation of cell phone technology is a harmful “pollution” of our local environment. Cell phone radiation rivals the dangers of secondhand cigarette smoke. Please, Be sure to take all your cell phone calls outside with the rest of the smokers. ( CA reference. )

Several Articles published in June of 2002 indicate more specific problems with mobile phones:

"Radiation Scare Over Mobiles"

by Victoria Fletcher, Consumer Correspondent for "This Is London" Publication.

"Radiation from mobile phones causes changes in the brain which could pose risks to health, an authoritative two-year study has concluded."

Send this one around:

"Everyone Should Know The Risks"

"When Karen Pauls, 45, and her husband Gerard bought their son Gary a mobile phone for his birthday in 1999, he was delighted.
The 18-year-old used it every day, and preferred it to the family phone. But within a year, a small lump had appeared on the side of his face which within six months had claimed his life."

Table of Contents

3) Put The Antenna On Your Car Roof.

Buy a mobile phone for  your car instead and mount the antenna on the roof of the car. This puts a large sheet of metal, or shield, between you and the antenna. Even if you have a ‘hands-free’ headset, you can still put the cell phone outside on the roof of your car. This is important in reducing your radiation exposure and will provide better reception too.
Keep in mind, this concept doesn’t work well with cloth convertibles or glass moon-roofs.

Table of Contents

4) Buyer Beware, You're Trapped!

Remember, just because multi-national corporate interests hand down “convenient technologies” developed in the military and the space-race for wars and national defense, --that doesn’t mean these products are safe, or even tested for safety, or even in our best interests.
All it really means is they can see a huge profit in letting the Public use some of the more benign “toys” they have developed over the many years in their endless pursuit of the ‘ultimate war.’ Why should they have ever considered making it safe? It was developed for Wars.

Believe Me: 

Army's Secret 'People Zapper' Plans.

                             Antony Barnett, Public Affairs Editor
                             Sunday November 3, 2002
                             The Observer,6903,825082,00.html

“Britain has been involved in secret talks with the United States over the development of so-called non-lethal weapons, including lasers that blind the enemy and microwave systems that cook the skin of human targets.”

“ The Observer has established that British and US militaryleaders met at the Ministry of Defence HQ in London to discussthe operational benefits of such technology when used as a 'persuasive tool' against people from enemy regimes.“

“Documents obtained under the US Freedom of Information Actdetail talks about battlefield uses of the weapons and whetherthey could be used to back up economic sanctions againsttarget countries.”

“Another weapon discussed was a system that uses microwave beams to heat the water in human skin in the same way as amicrowave oven cooks a meal.”

 “The documents reveal the full scope of the new weapons programs that the US military is developing. The first was high-power microwave technology that cooks an enemy's skin. Its military name is the Vehicle-Mounted Active Denial System (V-Mads), but it has already been nicknamed the People Zapper. It works by harnessing electromagnetic power to fire an invisible pulse of energy at light speed towards a target. Thebeam causes the water molecules under the skin to vibrate violently, producing heat and discomfort. Scientists believe the system could heat a person's skin to about 130 degrees in two seconds.”

There are more than a few small groups of people making a tremendous amount of money off of the "Convenience Factor" that mobile phones and wireless technologies. Listen to me: the "Inconvenient" time you spend finding and using hard-wire pay phones will add years, even decades to your life, as well as save you a lot of money:

"Row Over Phone Chief's 1.8m Bonus."

by Nick Goodway,   June 20, 2002.

"Vodafone Chief, Sir Christopher Gent, ignited a huge City row today after it was revealed he will collect a 1.8 million share bonus despite the mobile phone giant reporting the biggest ever loss by a British firm."

Consider This: If they really tried to make cell phone technology, or nuclear technology for that matter, thoroughly and completely safe; well, they probably couldn’t afford make it at all.

Undisplayed Graphic

“Just say No to Sell-Phones!”

Undisplayed Graphic

5) Consumer Demand A:

“Demand longer --shielded-- cords and shielded ‘hands-free’ headsets for every sell phone, and these cords must at least 6 feet in length.”

Table of ContentsUndisplayed Graphic

6) Consumer Demand B:

“Demand Metalized Hats."

These would help significantly in 'bouncing' microwaves off a metalized fabric before they get to your head. This doesn’t help your body much, but it’s the best place to start.
People should understand the harmful implications of stray microwave energy in their daily lives. Demand to see a whole range of fashionable clothes and accessories constructed with fine metal screen, metal mesh, metalized fabrics and/or metal coated films in the linings. These will not only protects you from your own sell phone, but from other peoples' transmitter noises as well, (...not to mention People Zappers.... )
Demand standardized FCC tests for an ‘RF Block Rating’ to be printed on each and every metalized garment made that measures both the effectiveness of the metalized coating and the seams, as well as the effective area of the body the metalized coating covers.

Table of ContentsUndisplayed Graphic

7) Consumer Demand C:

“The ‘cordless’ phones which have a 'yard-long' antennas and operate below 1Mhz are much are safer for people, mostly because of the much lower frequency and lower power. (Do not confuse this with the newer ‘900Mhz' cordless phones with very short antennas; these are almost as bad as regular cell phones, again because of the transmitting frequency used.)”
"Demand an ‘FCC Approved’ product that requires the powerful microwave antenna to be mounted on the metal roof of a car. Then, while in a restaurant for instance, we can communicate to our cars in the parking lot with the safer, low frequency/low power cordless link; which then fires up the microwave antenna at a safe distance to talk to the cell grid. We also demand this product have a small light&beeper that flashes&beeps distinctly on the power antenna while it’s transmitting to warn blind or deaf people who are walking past our cars.”

Table of ContentsUndisplayed Graphic

8) Consumer Demand D:

“Demand Metalized Umbrellas."

This idea has a number of good features for people. The phone handset can be mounted in the umbrella’s upper handle. There’s plenty of room for batteries in the lower handle, adding a nice balance for carrying. But the most important safety feature is putting the antenna on top of the metalized ‘dome’ of the umbrella. This means, ‘rain or shine’ people are in a complete shadow of their transmitted microwaves. Our only exposure is what might leak out of the handset, --and this must be kept well below ‘FCC microwave oven standards’ with a carefully regulated ‘FCC’ designs and construction. The other big advantage we have in using a product like this, if it is made right, is the transmitted energy can be reflected over the tops of other people’s heads for 360o, thereby increasing reception and reducing the harm to nearby pedestrians and neighbors. Demand this type of ‘reflection profile’ and a complete set of FCC warnings and FCC instructions for every umbrella so we can be sure we are not harming each other as we talk together.

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“Convenience has become the new Mother-of-Invention, Not Necessity.”

For more links and information, visit:

EMF Reference Book
"Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age"
An Insider’s Alarming Discoveries About Cancer and Genetic Damage
Author:  Dr. George Carlo and Martin Schram

BIOPRO Anti-EMF products

The Scientist - Cellular Phones: Are They Safe to Use?

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GJ Bender, Engineering Consultant in Northern CA.

Original Material, All Copy Rights Reserved, GJ Bender. 6-2000, 11-2002, 4-2003, 12-2004, 8-2005, 11-2015
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Men and mobiles...
Mobile phones bring convenience and peace of mind, but the benefit of always being contactable may have a downside. New research shows men who regularly carry their mobiles near the groin, on a belt or in a pocket could potentially have their sperm count reduced by as much as 30 percent, ACA reports.

   The study, conducted by Hungarian researchers, suggests male fertility could be affected by the radiation emitted by mobile phones. It also found the sperm that did survive exposure to radiation showed abnormal movements.

   Dr Chris Merry, vice-president of the Australian Medical Association (AMA), says men shouldn't panic; rather the findings serve as a warning to think carefully about what they do with their mobile phone.

   "You want to be safe rather than sorry," says Dr Merry. "Who knows if this will have long-term implications for Australia's reproductive future? I think in the short term it's probably better to keep your mobile phone in your jacket pocket or somewhere away from your groin."

   But Professor David de Krester, director of Andrology Australia, an organisation specialising in male fertility, is questioning the validity of the research, which studied 221 men over 13 months.

   While the jury is still out, Dr Merry advises all of us to employ some cautionary measures when carrying our mobile phones. These include:

       ~ Limiting the time you spend talking on your mobile phone;
        ~Store your mobile phone away from your groin area;
        ~Try storing your phone in your jacket pocket, unless you have a pacemaker;
        ~If driving, try keeping your phone on the car seat next to you.
        ~Bear in mind mobiles still make regular transmission to maintain contact with radio towers even when they're not in use."

info from BIOPRO Website.
Table of Contents

June 7,  2004

  Brain tumours: the silent killer
  Reporter: Ray Martin

    Dr. Charlie Teo a pre-eminent neurosurgeon is at the cutting edge literally of a 21 per cent increase in children's brain tumours. He's curious about the effect mobile phones and Electro Magnetic Radiation [EMR] may be having on these statistics, and has issued a warning to parents to be aware.

    So cautious is Dr Teo, the subject of his 12-year-old daughter having a mobile phone in their family, he confesses, is a sore point.

  "The argument for her having a mobile phone was there are some benefits of it and that is in emergency situations, but she has promised me she is a very sensible girl she will use a loudspeaker facility all the time,"  he says.

  Dr Teo has every right to be nervous; it is his personal belief that there may be an association between EMR and the development of brain cancer.

  And while he is not seeking to be alarmist, he does want people to be more aware, especially with children.

  It's a belief backed up by Senator Lyn Allison, who spent a year listening to the scientists to find out what the risks are. She discovered there is very good reason to worry.

  "We're all a bit awash now in radio frequency and radio waves generally and we are not altogether sure what effect that has on us,' she says.

  Senator Allison says that the fact that brain tumour is now the number one life-threatening disease for children above leukemia is consistent with studies in Europe and the UK.

  "[These studies show] there has been a 40 per cent across-the-board increase in the number of brain tumours in the past 20 years," she explains, "now that 20 years has coincided with the use of mobile phone and many other radio frequencies..."

  And the thickness of a person's skull, according to scientific studies read by Senator Allison, can also distinguish levels of vulnerability.
  "Scientists say that the thickness of the skull in children makes a difference, it is quite thin compared with adults and there is more brain fluid which means that the radio frequencies can travel through the brain more easily,"  she says.

  Dr Teo offers more specific evidence of patients whose tumours correspond with their use of mobile phones.

  "When patients come in with a brain cancer, I often say to them, "your cancer was on the right side of the brain, it is in the area just above your ear, can you tell me if you feel that you have had more exposure than most people to mobile phones," and I am surprised that most people say, "yes I have used my phone continuously for the last seven years and it is always stuck to my ear on this side..." well that is where the cancer is.

  Canberra parents Geoff and Denise O'Connell have had their own personal experience of these statistics. They lost their seven-year-old daughter Kessia to a brain tumour. Their own research has made them aware of the risks associated with exposure to EMR.

  "I wouldn't move in next to a telecom tower or mobile phone tower and certainly if there were heavy duty electrical wires I would be very uncomfortable," says Geoff.  

info from BIOPRO Website

Table of Contents

Research Book

"Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age"
 An Insider’s Alarming Discoveries About Cancer and Genetic Damage

Author:  Dr. George Carlo and Martin Schram

Dr. George Carlo is the Chief Scientist of the World’s Largest Research Effort into Wireless Safety

  Excerpts from the Book:

 “One by one, alarming signs appeared in Dr. Carlo’s research: that cell phones interfere with pacemakers, that developing skulls of children are penetrated deeply by the energy emitted from a cell phone, that the blood brain barrier which prevents invasion of the brain from toxins can be compromised by the cell phone radiation and most startling, that radio frequency radiation creates micronuclei in human blood cells, a type of genetic damage known to be a diagnostic marker for cancer.”

 "Graphic [pictures] showing normal blood cells (top box) and blood
 cells that have been genetically damaged and have
 developed micronuclei (lower box)"

"Graphic [pictures] showing four different ways that DNA can be damaged – one of which involves actual breakage of DNA strands."

 “There is a definite risk that the radiation plume that emanates from a
 cell phone antenna can cause cancer and other health problems”

 “Two X-rays of a cellular phone user show a brain tumor located in
 the area next to where the patient’s phone antenna was held during
 calls. The cancerous mass is visible on right side of head, indicated
 by the black line.”

 “The concern about mobile phones focuses on the near field radiation that extends the 2-3 inch plume from an antenna, and the radiation from the many wireless laptop and handheld computer products is just about the same. No one has researched what the effect will be of a roomful of wireless products all being used simultaneously, with radio waves invisibly crisscrossing the space that are occupied by people.”

info from BIOPRO Website

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